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Artistic animations

In Plateau Hunts, entertainment for children and adults will seduce you. Born of our passion for artistic creation, they have their source in the art in its many forms.

Theater, music, art or literature are all unforgettable moments of opportunity where everyone will enjoy entertainment, live and participate in the art touching it with finger. Storytellers, actors, musicians, painters and sculptors and enthusiasts from all horizons make you into a dreamlike dimension and unprecedented.

From exhibitions of artists in performance, dances in concerts, theater plays shows, every day and night entertainment is synonymous with relaxation, meetings and cheerful.

The children can learn and participate in Artateliers intended to awaken their creative sense and why not a vocation as an artist ....

Finally, if you want to spend a few days with artistic activity and escape into the infinite possibilities of art, Artweekends let you fail wonderful memories!